100% Raw Material

What is 100% raw material tarp?

PE: Chemical name is polyethylene, which is a semi-crystalline thermoplastic material and is a material for making PE tarpaulins. So what are the characteristics of PE? We understand that polyethylene is odorless, non-toxic, feels like wax, has excellent low temperature resistance, has good water absorption, good electrical insulation performance, and can be used normally at -70 to -100 degrees Celsius. , chemical stability is good.

When PE tarpaulin is produced, if there are impurities, it will damage the catalyst system and its function, which directly affects the quality of the tarpaulin. Therefore, PE polyethylene material is used, the quality of the product is high, and the corresponding price is also high. But the service is good. Some additives are also used in the production of PE tarpaulins, but it should be noted that the purer the additives, the better, because it can effectively reduce the consumption of raw materials and pollutants, which is very beneficial to the environment. There is also the higher purity of PE polyethylene, the better.

Precautions for use of 100% raw material tarpaulin!

First of all, the PE tarpaulin has a good sealing property. When using it, care should be taken to reserve a vent to prevent the water vapor from damaging the cargo due to excessive sealing. Pay attention to sharp objects during use to prevent the tarpaulin from causing a decrease in waterproof performance. Also pay attention when placing. Also be careful not to mix with oils and strong solvents to avoid hardening or falling off. At the time of purchase, you should also pay attention to the "three-proof" tarpaulin or the "five-proof" tarpaulin. The five-proof tarpaulin has stronger flame retardant and anti-wear aging properties. If improperly selected, it is easy to bring unnecessary losses to the user.
In addition, the PE tarpaulin has the function of preventing moisture and mildew, and is used to ensure the drying of the goods. Ensure that the tarpaulin is dry when placed so that the PE tarpaulin is 100% waterproof. Unnecessary damage to the cargo is caused by the last use of residual water.

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