Fireproof Tarpaulin

What is fireproof tarp?

The tarpaulin includes a flame-retardant layer and a fiber layer, Due to the development of container and cover car, the contradiction between flame retardancy and cold resistance of tarting cloth has been solved through the research of coating formula and the optimization of technological conditions. It can well protect goods from heat and spark points, and completely prevent combustion or isolation combustion. Flame retardant tarpaulin is used in the production, storage and transportation of inflammable and inflammable dangerous goods and precision instruments and equipment. Waterproof and fireproof, can be used outdoors for 3-4 years under normal circumstances.

How to use the fireproof trap?

Fireproof canvas is a specially treated fabric with a tight structure and high temperature resistance. It protects objects away from thermal and spark zones and completely prevents combustion or isolated combustion.


  •  It can be used in large quantities in the shipbuilding industry for the construction and repair of the ship frame;
  • can also be used in petrochemical enterprises for metal structures and other places where insulation, insulation and welding are required, showing good protection and adaptability
  • Fireproof blankets formed by fireproof cloth are suitable for hot fire construction in public shopping venues such as large shopping malls, supermarkets, hotels, etc.: such as welding, cutting, etc.;
  • using this product can directly reduce spark splash, play easy Isolation and blocking of burning and explosive dangerous goods, and ensuring the safety of human life and the integrity of property.

Tarps for sale from QIYANG

Heavy duty fireproof tarpaulin

Heavy duty fire tarpaulins are designed to provide heavy duty coverage for a variety of industrial applications. These advanced fireproofing fabrics are also waterproof, mildewproof and washable. They also feature heat-sealed seams and thickened designs to enhance the durability of fire tarpaulins. Unlike transparent fire tarpaulins, these products have a fire tarpaulin thickness of 70-300 mg. In addition, these fireproof fabrics are UV resistant.

Transparent fireproof tarpaulin

The transparent fire tarpaulin is lightweight and woven from compact polyethylene. These plastic flame retardants are surprisingly durable. They are also lightweight and easy to use. In addition to fire protection, they are also waterproof, mildew resistant, washable and heat sealed. Strong grommets on all sides for secure attachment. In addition, the three-dimensional edging, PP rope reinforcement, strengthens the strength and durability of the sun tarpaulin. These products do not tear even under high pressure. These high-quality fireproof fabrics are available in a variety of sizes and can be tailored to your needs.

Why choose us?

QIYANG tarpaulins are dedicated to improving quality, customer satisfaction and performance, making them the preferred fire tarpaulin for the consumer and industrial markets. Our manufacturing methods ensure that all our fire tarpaulins are designed to be rugged, easy to handle and durable. More importantly, our fire tarpaulin meets the coverage needs of all customers. The fire tarpaulin is made of 100% raw material and woven. The materials selection, stretching, weaving and coating processes are all rigorously tested. ISO14001, ISO9001, SGS, TUV, BV certification, support for third-party quality inspection. Produce the highest quality fire tarpaulin for you.