Ripstop Tarpaulin

What is the Ripstop tarp?

The tarpaulin must withstand various tensions when it is used. For example, when it is fixed, it should be subjected to tension; during use, it should be subjected to additional forces such as wind, rain and electricity. Despite these external forces, they are still required to maintain their original shape and are not easily deformed, which requires the tarpaulin to have a high tensile strength and should not have too much difference in latitude and longitude tensile strength. In particular, the tensile strength of large tents for inflatable buildings is extremely important.

What are Tarps Made of?

The damage of the tarpaulin is mainly caused by the tear, so the tear strength is an important indicator of the tarpaulin. The tear strength is related to whether the tarpaulin will break due to the action of flying foreign objects or, for some reason, expand to the periphery after forming a hole, forming a large structural crack. Therefore, when the tension is large. Both the tarpaulin is required to have a high tensile strength and a high tear strength is required.

Generally, the base fabric is made of long-fiber fabrics such as high-strength polyester and vinylon. Waterproof finishing with vinyl chloride resin and chlorosulfonated polyethylene resin. The strength of the product is primarily determined by the strength of the fibrous material and the density of the fabric.

How to use the Ripstop tarp?

The tarpaulin has good strength and waterproof performance. It is made of new polyethylene and material. It has high density of polyethylene, tight wire drawing, bright color, high tensile strength, excellent weather resistance, good waterproof performance and good sun protection effect. More than 98%), "Blue Silver Cloth" can last for more than one year. Easy handling is an ideal product to replace rainproof cloth. Truck tarpaulin is widely used in vehicle transportation, material storage, tourist tents, Rainproof sunshade, mine, etc.

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Heavy duty ripstop tarpaulin

Heavy-duty tear-resistant tarpaulins are designed to provide heavy-duty protection for a variety of industrial applications. These advanced tear-resistant fabrics are also waterproof, mildewproof and washable. They also feature heat-sealed seams and thickened designs to increase the durability of the tear-resistant tarpaulin. Unlike transparent tear-resistant tarpaulins, these products have a tear-resistant lining thickness of 70-300 mg. In addition, these tear resistant fabrics are UV resistant.

Transparent ripstop tarpaulin

The transparent, tear-resistant tarpaulin is lightweight and woven from compact polyethylene. These plastic tear resistances are surprisingly durable. They are lightweight and easy to use. In addition to tear resistance, they are also waterproof, mildewproof, washable and heat sealable. All sides have strong buttonholes to ensure safety. In addition, three-dimensional edging and PP rope reinforcement enhance the strength and durability of the tear-resistant tarpaulin. These products do not tear even under high pressure. These high-quality tear-resistant fabrics are available in a variety of sizes and can be tailored to your needs.

Why choose us?

The tarpaulin three-dimensional edging, pp rope reinforcement, plastic wrap angle is more durable, through the professional design and manufacture to achieve the tensile strength of the fabric, master the quality of the product, each product is tested in layers to ensure our quality, let You can rest assured. We lauded the tarpaulin to attach great importance to this test during production.

As a professional tarpaulin manufacturer, the tarpaulin is very strict in the selection process of raw materials, and each process will send a special person to carry out inspection. Every detail will have a big impact on the final product, and every tarpaulin will be done with care.