Sunscreen Tarpaulin

What is sunscreen tarp?

Sunscreen tarpaulin is made of polyethylene material is a new type of cover material, by adding UV material to protect the goods from heat and sunlight. In the daily life is prevented bask in tarpaulins as tools to protect goods sun rain is often used on various occasions, it is mainly based on PE material processing of raw materials base cloth.We produce the membrane material with self-cleaning、backlight、 UV resistance、PVDF coating, using nanoscale UV resistance, membrane material of each performance than ordinary high 3-4 times, sun-protective waterproof performance, etc.

How to use the sunscreen tarp?

The high temperature still has some influence on our life and production. For example, the tire of the truck on the high-speed transportation is easy to explode, and some flammable objects are easy to cause fire. It also has an impact on outdoor workers who work in high temperatures, making them prone to heat stroke. For our goods, the long period of direct sunlight has disadvantages on the quality, safety and so on. To deal with the impact of these high temperature and scorching sun, the simplest and most common method is to cover the sun protection tarp. Ordinary consumers use sun protection tarp to cover red wine、electrical appliances、lime、cement、chemicals、tobacco and other products that are afraid of high temperature, to isolate the high temperature, avoid direct sunlight, and provide shelter in outdoor activities. Professionals use tarps in building projects, such as floor or roof coverings. On the other hand, suntan awning can be used for covering trucks and ships, camping outdoor tents, in agriculture, aerospace, manufacturing and public utilities and other industries have a wide range of applications.

Tarps for Sale from QIYANG

Heavy sunscreen tarpaulin

Heavy-duty sunscreens are designed to provide heavy-duty coverage for various industrial applications. These advanced sunscreen cloths are also waterproof, mildew-resistant and washable. They also feature heat-sealing joints and thickening designs to improve durability and age resistance. Unlike the transparent suntan tarps, these tarps are thicker, ranging from 70-300msg. In addition, these sun - resistant tarps are uv - resistant.

Transparent sunscreen tarpaulin

The transparent sunscreen cloth is lightweight and is woven in a compact polyethylene. These plastic sunscreens are surprisingly durable. They are also light and easy to use. In addition to sun protection, they also feature waterproof, mildew-proof, washable and heat-sealed joints. There are strong buttonholes on the four sides for secure fastening. In addition, stereo package edge, PP rope reinforcement, to strengthen the intensity and durability of sunscreen tarpaulin. These products do not tear, even in stressful situations. These superior tarps are available in various sizes and can be customized to your needs.

why choose us?

QIAYNG tarpaulin is committed to quality, customer satisfaction and excellent performance, making it the preferred tarpaulin in the consumer and industrial markets. Our manufacturing methods ensure that all our tarpaulins are designed to be strong, easy to operate and durable. What's more, our suntan tarpaulin can meet all the needs of our customers. The cover is made of 100% raw materials and contains nanoscale UV. As one of the most professional tarpaulin manufacturers in China, qiyang has been making tarpaulin professionally for 20 years. Factory direct , let you do not worry about the whole process.